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    All children are creative. Our Children  now get more opportunities to express their creativity.

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    SIS Magazine is a forum for our children to innovate design and challenge each others’ creativity.

  •  Quality

    A healthy competition among students and a lot of collaborative efforts can improve the quality of their creative expression.

Art, Photography and Literary Clubs in Action

The Members of Art, Photography, and Literary Clubs Exhibit Their Creativity Through SIS Magazine

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    Students of Shantiniketan Indian School

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    सवेरा सूरज निकला मिटा अँधेरा, देखो बच्चों, हुआ सवेरा I आया मीठी हवा का फेरा, चिड़ियों ने फिर छोड़ा बसेरा I जागो बच्चो, अब मत सोओ, इतना सुंदर समय न खोओ I आओ बाहर, देखो संसार, कितना सुंदर, कितना प्यारा I

  • Mathajee Pithajee Aur Gurujee

              माता जी, पिता जी और गुरु जी फूल कितना भी सुंदर हो, तारीफ़ खुशबू से ही होती है I इंसान कितना भी बड़ा हो, कद्र उसके गुणों से होती है I कौन ज़्यादा सुखी है, “सोने की चैन वाला            या चैन से सोने वाला” I  2 जी, 3 जी और 4 जी आ […]

  • Article on Social Relationship

    العلاقات الاجتماعيه. سنتكلم عن هذا الموضوع ونوضح كل شي في هذا المجال. انواع العلاقات الاجتماعيه: ١- العلاقات الاجتماعيه الجواريه: “قام الرسول ﷺ بتوصيته لنا لنكون العلاقه الاجتماعيه الي سابع جار”. ونفهم من هذا الشي ان يجب علينا ان نكون العلاقات مع الجيران. ونكون معهم في اوقات الفرح والحزن. وايضًا نتعاون معهم. مثلاً اذا الجار يحتاج […]

  • Bhagwan

    भगवान सुबह-सुबह जब आँख खुली चिड़ियों ने चहचहाया I हवाओं का झोंका सरसराया, मीठी धूप की किरणों ने सराहा, मानो जीवन धन्य हुआ I वह कौन है जो तुझे जगाया, वह तू ही है, वह तू ही है, जिसे सबने भगवान बताया I तू है समाया हुआ, प्रकाश में,पुण्य में, विकास में, दिव्य में, दुआओं […]

  • Love

    Darkness! Here comes darkness, The sign of insecurity, The sign of poverty. With no scarcity.   Don’t! The darkness threatens, With its power to cause pain. It’s all in vain, even if you dare a word so plain.   Love, the sword of brightness Give it, free of cost for all is not lost If […]

  • She…

    It was early morning. The sky was dark and quiet. The streets were empty. The morning was soon coming alive with the chirping of the birds. The moonlight was slowly fading away. I got up early as it was the first day of university. I was excited but, the first day didn’t go exciting for […]

  • Life

    Life is like a wave, we rise and we fall, or like a dark cave, when we hit a wall. Whether normal like a fish, or different like a shark, we all have the wish, to make a big mark. We exist in this ocean, together we are one, we all feel emotion, and live […]

  • Among the Stars

        The glow-in-the-dark stars on her ceiling were not visible for her two-year-old baby.   “Mama, I want to see it now.. now, please”.   Zoya was getting impatient because of her daughter. She turned to face her baby who was now pulling the edge of her cloth. Her eyes. It was too sharp […]