Behind the Closet

By Mohammad Salih - 12 A

“I heard something moving in the closet… John’’ Susan whispers.

“It’s just your stupid imagination… You’re paranoid… Susan… writing all those murder stories…” There she goes again. Guess what? Last night she saw a shadow.

‘‘Now, please would you just go back to sleep?’’

“Didn’t you just hear that? You really should go to a doctor to check your ears. My stupid imagination… Hmph…” Still whispering and pouting at me. God, she’s cute.

“Listen, there… again.”

“I’m telling you there’s someone inside the closet.”

“Would you just… please go check?”

“Okay! Okay!” I say getting out of the comfort of the duvet, God, it’s hard. If she’s this nervous, I wonder how she writes all those amazing murder stories.

“Switch on the lights, will you?” I walk to the closet and open it violently, taking my anger out on the innocent door.

Susan hovers before me, hanging from the ceiling of the closet… Dead.

“Ooh, Who’s the one with stupid imagination now…?” she asks me laughing like a maniac.

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