April 19, 2017

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  • Red Rose..

    Another creature in this world, But born on fixed land, Surrounded with colourful petals curled, My name in Rose and everyone understands. Not just a flower, have great  thrust in me, Some name me after their angel and some after a colour, But at times I am called mean, Because for some, I am an […]

  •  Hourglass

      Life is like an hourglass, You won’t know when it stops, Sand falling down through the narrow way, The tiny particles are filling up. Till the last drop falls, There ain’t no giving up. The last speck of sand falls Concludes, my time is up Saying bye to this world Bye to everyone. You […]

  • Better Half

    She shines brighter than any star, And rocks awesome than a guitar. God had made the perfect female, Whose voice is as sweet as a nightingale. She’s as beautiful as the sun, Life with her has been really fun. She’s the most wonderful girl, More precious than a pearl. She’s an angel in disguise, And […]