Happy Birthday



Happy birthday to you,

I have written this gratitude poem for you.

Thanks for helping me bloom,

Thanks for tolerating me in the classroom.

Thank you for being a wonderful  teacher,

To  be your student I feel pleasure.

Thanks for teaching me things called  literary devices,

Now in this poem I can add some spices.

You always inspire us to achieve our dreams,

When you teach us grammar so simple it seems.

Still I have some problems in theme writing,

Though it seems very interesting.

Ever since I became your student,

In myself I see lot of improvement.

Thank you for these wonderful years,

You’ve taught us to overcome fears.

Thank you for your every lesson,

Thanks for guiding us in the right direction.

For me as a teacher you are the best!

Having you as a teacher I feel blessed.

Happy birthday once again,

Sorry for giving you lots of pain.





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