Roohiya Murshid - 11 E

I’m trying to find a home in me.
I walk the streets and find no light or friendly faces.
All these broken streetlights and lamp posts,
Burnt up lanterns, and demolished gateways that claim to be bulletproof. Destroyed houses with walls wearing ornaments;
cobwebs of yesterday and carvings of desperation and sorrow.
Rotten gardens with wilted flowers and withered roots.
Skies filled with clouds of poison yearning to thunder.
Ocean tides, rushing away from the horizon, weary of wailing;
Violated ships lay shattered on the sands of time.
And my heart beats aimlessly in this void of nothingness.
My throbbing pulse, a dying cry,
echoing against these walls built from screaming silence.
I stumble around in this darkness trying to find a home.
A home in a land so foreign, I don’t recognize it’s name.
I’m trying to find a home in me.
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