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  • Perfection

    Young minds filled with hopes and dreams, Shattered hearts and minds filled with screams. All speak of one thing, “Perfection is key.” “Perfect people live a good and happy life”, they say. But, “Living a perfect life is not better than living a life that’s perfect.” People live and then die, that is life’s way, […]

  • My Teacher

        I love my English teacher, She is so gentle and beautiful She is so cheerful and graceful I love my teacher endless She loves me limitless I pray for her warmly Blessing should shower wholeheartedly.    

  • Dishonest Milkman

      Once there was a dishonest milkman. He had to cross a river to sell milk in the city. One day when he was crossing, the milk spilt in the river. Only little milk was left in the pan. He immediately got an idea and mixed water with the leftover milk. He sold the milk mixed with water. […]

  • Butterfly!

    Oh butterfly!! Butterfly! How colourful you are You sit on a flower for an hour Spreading your beautiful wings on a flower! Indeed you’re a harmless creature With a motionless feature Ah! You’re gentle As well as sentimental You are so lovely! But sad, so lonely Spreading the colours gently Join us let’s play together […]

  •  Foreigner

    I’m trying to find a home in me. I walk the streets and find no light or friendly faces. All these broken streetlights and lamp posts, Burnt up lanterns, and demolished gateways that claim to be bulletproof. Destroyed houses with walls wearing ornaments; cobwebs of yesterday and carvings of desperation and sorrow. Rotten gardens with […]

  • Dream Tree

    Follow your dream, And climb on your tree. If you stumble do not grumble, And continue climbing the tree   Try to reach the top, As then only we can see, Of what we have done And what we can seek.   Follow your dream And sow a seed Of this wondrous tree, To someone […]

  • Memory

    The past is a picture A memory that long lasts Could be a golden day Or a flashback of fray.   A memory so heavy, That you can’t lift and throw away. As strong as a levee, Those they are dark or gay.   But some memories are light Meant to be forgotten, Not so […]

  • I Love Qatar

    My name is Ahmed Osman. I study in 2G. I celebrated Qatar National Day, On 18 December. I bought Qatar’s flag and T shirt with Sheikh Tamim photo. I went to Corniche and enjoyed the celebration there. People came to Corniche and gardens carrying flags and white and maroon balloons. I watched the events and […]

  • My best Gift

    The best gift I received was a book named ‘First Big Book of Why’ by my father after my stage performance on my Annual Day .I was surprised and quickly opened the gift box. The book was full of colorful images and was very attaractive.My parents guided me to read this book every day. The […]


    Trees are the art of the earth. They make the environment pollution free. To save the earth, every person should grow trees. Trees are the real donors, they provide shelter to many insects, animals and birds. Trees provide us cool and protect us from direct sun. Trees provide us fruits, flowers and many things. They are good source in medical herbs and […]