We live our life with lots of regrets,
Lots of ‘if only’s, ‘if I had’ and ‘why’s,
It’s as if we are caught in several fishing nets,
Surrounded only by comforting lies,

For we all have our dreams and ambitions,
We all have things we wish we want to do,
But even before life can move to fruitions,
They become things that could have been done,

They become a forgotten past,
A product of time that moved too fast,
No use blaming time,
If your own determination wasn’t sublime,

No use writhing and complaining about bad luck,
If in an eternal dilemma you are stuck,
If you live someone else’s dream,
Then in this agony you deserve to scream,

For there’s no use crying over spilt milk,
For when the chance came you let it go too soon,
And you became like that worm of silk,
Who forever remained in its cocoon,

If you desire safety over ambition, 
Only you will feel sad over a failed mission,
For when you are ragged and old,
Why regret over not being too bold,

Why regret about losing a loved one,
Why now feel the sting,
When you couldn’t appreciate them while they were with you,
Why now your regrets do you spew,

Opportunities that are lost are truly lost,
They can’t be brought back at any cost,
Like time and tide they too wait for none,
So don’t waste time pondering if this is the one,

For the feeling of failing is not half as bad,
As that of never trying and feeling sad,
So go out there and give life a try,
And don’t sit idly and watch opportunities fly by,

Stories of attempts and trials are more fun to tell,
In the market of interest they nicely sell,
Whilst those of regrets and acts onrush,
Are usually thrown into minds trash,

So take a moment and think,
About that dream which you once lived,
In your mind let it sink,
And not be converted into regret,

Today I have one less regret,
For I had my poetic mind set,
To spread this message of Regret,
Now it’s up to you to dream and sweat.

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