February 2016

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    The wind as cold as ever brushes past me, my hair discovers freedom for the first time. I open my hands welcoming the cold wind into my shivering body. The unexplainable sensation releasing a pool of endorphins, a state of extreme bliss, I feel my body tighten under the influence of all the bodily fluids […]

  • Friends For Life

    A friend is like a flower, A rose to be exact, Or may be like a brand new gate That never comes unlatched.   A friend is like an owl, Both beautiful and wise Or perhaps is like a ghost, Whose spirit never dies. A friend is like a heart that goes Strong until the […]

  • My Dear Dad

    His voice so soft , His eyes so bright , His words of wisdom , In my ear at night .   He keeps me safe, In his lovely arms, As if he know, The world means harm.   I love him, As I always do, He loves me too, My dear dad ….   […]

  • Freddie The Fox

    All the chicks were asleep in bed, Unaware of naughty fred.   They did not hear the wooden latch, gently lifted off the catch.   Now Freddie thought this was grand, Even better than he planned.   Yum! Yum! Said he, nice chicken stew; Is what I am going home to brew.   Before he’d […]