May 2017

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      It grows young and strong  with fierce and fire  don’t get it wrong it’s a beauty to admire.   It burns up in flames and turns to ashes and rises up with wings of bashes   It gives us hope for future bears, lot of doors each one to open  and discover the beauty […]


      The past is past a memory that long lasts could be a golden day or a flashback of fray.   A memory so heavy  that you can’t lift and throw away as strong as a lever those they are, dark or gay.   But some memories are light, meant to be forgotten not so […]


      Once upon a daytime’s dream, Lying beside my owner by the stream, Enjoying the vibes of the western wind, Giving us solace and a sound mind. But if only all this was still real. I now sit under the bed, dreary. Long forgotten, weak and weary. My stuffed body covered with dust And my […]

  • No More

    It’s so hard to believe, that all I am left with is your memories. I didn’t get a chance, before you left, To tell you that I love you, To hold your hand, and say how much you meant to me.   It’s so hard to believe, That it’s been so long, And you’ve been […]


    The mysterious house was on top of the hill standing there still its head high up to the sky. I was sure there was something spooky…. nobody knocked on the wooden door no bell rang , no doors opened wind forgot its way over there. it banged at the doors and windows shut but no […]


    In my dream there came The field of sugarcane the biggest farm that meant no harm. One day, I went there for the sugarcane needed care I watered and cared them for the juice that comes from them my sugarcane grew and grew till it was time to brew, the lovely sugar syrup from them. […]