December 2017

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  • Memory

    The past is a picture A memory that long lasts Could be a golden day Or a flashback of fray.   A memory so heavy, That you can’t lift and throw away. As strong as a levee, Those they are dark or gay.   But some memories are light Meant to be forgotten, Not so […]

  • I Love Qatar

    My name is Ahmed Osman. I study in 2G. I celebrated Qatar National Day, On 18 December. I bought Qatar’s flag and T shirt with Sheikh Tamim photo. I went to Corniche and enjoyed the celebration there. People came to Corniche and gardens carrying flags and white and maroon balloons. I watched the events and […]

  • My best Gift

    The best gift I received was a book named ‘First Big Book of Why’ by my father after my stage performance on my Annual Day .I was surprised and quickly opened the gift box. The book was full of colorful images and was very attaractive.My parents guided me to read this book every day. The […]


    Trees are the art of the earth. They make the environment pollution free. To save the earth, every person should grow trees. Trees are the real donors, they provide shelter to many insects, animals and birds. Trees provide us cool and protect us from direct sun. Trees provide us fruits, flowers and many things. They are good source in medical herbs and […]

  • Importance of Sports and Games

    I walked by my neighboring playground. The stillness of the playground surprised me. There were no children howling and no one on the swings. This scene made me wonder why the place that my friends and I never wanted to leave, the place that made my childhood memories was now empty. This incident made me […]

  • Winter…..

    Winter…. Summer is gone and now comes winter, The feeling is so thick and slender. Look out through your windows the falling snow, Trees shivering when the winds blow. I feared to keep the windows and doors aghast, as the north-wind roamed like a halloween ghost. It was so cold that anyone could freeze, The […]