Poems from SIS Students


    सवेरा सूरज निकला मिटा अँधेरा, देखो बच्चों, हुआ सवेरा I आया मीठी हवा का फेरा, चिड़ियों ने फिर छोड़ा बसेरा I जागो बच्चो, अब मत सोओ, इतना सुंदर समय न खोओ I आओ बाहर, देखो संसार, कितना सुंदर, कितना प्यारा I

  • Mathajee Pithajee Aur Gurujee

              माता जी, पिता जी और गुरु जी फूल कितना भी सुंदर हो, तारीफ़ खुशबू से ही होती है I इंसान कितना भी बड़ा हो, कद्र उसके गुणों से होती है I कौन ज़्यादा सुखी है, “सोने की चैन वाला            या चैन से सोने वाला” I  2 जी, 3 जी और 4 जी आ […]

  • Article on Social Relationship

    العلاقات الاجتماعيه. سنتكلم عن هذا الموضوع ونوضح كل شي في هذا المجال. انواع العلاقات الاجتماعيه: ١- العلاقات الاجتماعيه الجواريه: “قام الرسول ﷺ بتوصيته لنا لنكون العلاقه الاجتماعيه الي سابع جار”. ونفهم من هذا الشي ان يجب علينا ان نكون العلاقات مع الجيران. ونكون معهم في اوقات الفرح والحزن. وايضًا نتعاون معهم. مثلاً اذا الجار يحتاج […]

  • Bhagwan

    भगवान सुबह-सुबह जब आँख खुली चिड़ियों ने चहचहाया I हवाओं का झोंका सरसराया, मीठी धूप की किरणों ने सराहा, मानो जीवन धन्य हुआ I वह कौन है जो तुझे जगाया, वह तू ही है, वह तू ही है, जिसे सबने भगवान बताया I तू है समाया हुआ, प्रकाश में,पुण्य में, विकास में, दिव्य में, दुआओं […]

  • Love

    Darkness! Here comes darkness, The sign of insecurity, The sign of poverty. With no scarcity.   Don’t! The darkness threatens, With its power to cause pain. It’s all in vain, even if you dare a word so plain.   Love, the sword of brightness Give it, free of cost for all is not lost If […]

  • Life

    Life is like a wave, we rise and we fall, or like a dark cave, when we hit a wall. Whether normal like a fish, or different like a shark, we all have the wish, to make a big mark. We exist in this ocean, together we are one, we all feel emotion, and live […]

  • At 4

    Every day at around ‘4’, I find myself alone and bored. For this is the time I have to myself. Quite whispers hum in my ear and birds seem to chirp me a song. My surroundings are plain of brick, brown and white. For at this time I’m forgotten and seem to cross no one’s […]

  • Save Nature

      Stop cutting trees, That gives you breeze, This is a home to birds and bees, We get fruits that we don’t need to pay rupees, Open your heart with your keys, And say ‘Save Trees’.                                                                                       Stop destroying nature,                                                                                     Don’t be greedy for furniture,                                                                                     Do it for your future,                                                                                     It […]

  • Sun and Moon

    Sun the greatest personality, You share your light So, that you could protect, Your beloved earth, from the darkness of night. Moon’s light emerges at night, She blooms as a flower, with a radiance of a fairy; beautiful, kind and powerful Who brightens up the Earth for little earthlings!

  • Love VS War

    The light is disappearing Can’t seem to count the stars They fought the darkness away But it was too strong to break apart They lose their lives Heartbroken and sad The world is blinded by the lies. They break away the ties That binds them to the world. They break apart for The little things […]