Poems from SIS Students

  • Under the Willow tree

    There beside the sea, Sitting under the willow tree, Listening to the hum of birds, I marvel as they soar high and free.   As the breeze flows gentle As the dew drops twinkle, As I dream up the tree alive, I feel its a magic thrive.   I rest here until its noon, I […]


    When I saw a bird, It started chirping at me, I found it lovely and took it home with me.   I fed it, I cared it, I even sang to it! But, I saw it sad when it stood in the cage aside.   When my mother went to our neighbour, I felt alone […]

  • Blooming flower!

    Oh, little flower bloom up! Oh, little flower bloom up! Come out to the world you belong to Let us see your happiness, open your colourful petals Come on let’s all call out Oh, little flower bloom up! Oh, little flower bloom up!

  • The owl

    I see an owl Through my window He always looks at town people Passing through the street He stares at me with eyes opened wide He always hoots at the scary night Snoring in the morning light I wish I am an owl to sleep all day in the light


    A lone street in a land of nowhere, Filled with the glorious light of moon, With twinkling stars all around, that Makes the street calm and cool, I see myself.   I Walk through the street all alone, with fear in my mind, With howling of foxes on my side, Sounds of frogs and crickets, […]

  • Just The One

    One song can spark a moment, One flower to wake the dream. One tree to start a forest, One bird can herald spring. One smile begins friendship, One handclasp lifts a soul. One star can guide a ship at sea. One word can frame the goal, One vote to change a nation. One sunbeam lights […]


    “Here he goes”, The people say. But no-one dares to talk to him. “I think he is a superhero”, The kids say.   He flies high above the clouds with the birds. He is rarely seen on earth. People wonder where he lives They wonder where he comes from Nobody knows.   One day he […]


      Miracles.. Miracles, what are your wonders? You marvel people with your magic, Who thank you for preventing a tragic? Unexpectedly you happen, Making  impossible things possible, Filled with lots of conjecture and charm.     Miracles.. Miracles, who gave you your wonders? You marvel people with your magic, Why do you stop to see […]

  • My Best Friend

    My best friend is not old, but she is bold. She is a child, but not wild. She is as sweet as sugar, and as white as snow. When I tell her that you are cute, She is mute, Indeed she is cute and absolute.

  • Friendship

    Kings sail in gold ship Queens sail in silver ship But we sail in friendship Friendship is the best ship. When you cry, I cry When you laugh, I laugh When I cry, You make my tears dry. In the night sky You are the best twinkling star Following me like a shadow Giving me […]

  • Poem

    “Write a poem” said the teacher, Hasty were the students with pen and paper. 5 minutes said the teacher,15 minutes said the students, Papers rustled, pens scratched and time was up. At last the teacher commanded the rat eyed boy with squinted eyes to read the poem. The world had crashed on me was his […]