Poems from SIS Students

  • Camera

    C-  capture things making it A-attractive M-memories . An E-electronic R-replica with A-awesome accuracy.

  • Care

    C – Compassion A – and Affection to R – Reach out E – Effortlessly

  • Camera

    CAMERA C – Capture A – Admirable M – Moments which are E – Everlasting and R – Remarkable A – Always

  • Friends For Life

    A friend is like a flower, A rose to be exact, Or may be like a brand new gate That never comes unlatched.   A friend is like an owl, Both beautiful and wise Or perhaps is like a ghost, Whose spirit never dies. A friend is like a heart that goes Strong until the […]

  • My Dear Dad

    His voice so soft , His eyes so bright , His words of wisdom , In my ear at night .   He keeps me safe, In his lovely arms, As if he know, The world means harm.   I love him, As I always do, He loves me too, My dear dad ….   […]

  • Freddie The Fox

    All the chicks were asleep in bed, Unaware of naughty fred.   They did not hear the wooden latch, gently lifted off the catch.   Now Freddie thought this was grand, Even better than he planned.   Yum! Yum! Said he, nice chicken stew; Is what I am going home to brew.   Before he’d […]


    Beauty is in the violet of the seasons, Beauty is in the white of the snow, Beauty is in the blue of the ocean ; Beauty is in the green of the trees, Beauty is in the yellow of the sun, Beauty is in the orange of the volcano’s eruption , Beauty is in the […]

  • Waiting

    The thing about waiting is that it makes a man impatient, But perhaps waiting is all we need to do, Allow the elements to take charge, For fate to chart its course, Yes, it is hard, Yes, it seems unnecessary, But it is all we have to do, In times of crisis, diplomacy takes flight, […]

  • Last Relish

    An evening of ups and downs, Of praises and awaiting frowns, Of joy as well as depression, The seven hours will leave a lasting impression, However regardless of all, This memory shall not fall, This ending to a Journey 14 years in the making, Shall always loom and sing, Thank you to all that played […]

  • Existence

    The irony enticed within, Fates several seemingly subtle ploys, With life, deceivingly toys; Is unfortunate, perplexed and sad, The shade would surely be glad, At the ragged tragedy that fate hath spoke, It’s as if existence is a huge joke, Luck stored in a bank broke, Probability being defied, As one is left surprised and […]


    We live our life with lots of regrets, Lots of ‘if only’s, ‘if I had’ and ‘why’s, It’s as if we are caught in several fishing nets, Surrounded only by comforting lies, For we all have our dreams and ambitions, We all have things we wish we want to do, But even before life can […]


    Life is a strange gift, isn’t it? It passes by determining and swift, Runs its course like a flowing river, Decreases in number like arrows in an archer’s quiver, In a blink of an eye people die, Their entire existence passes by, Their last promises remain unfulfilled, Their last dreams remain dreams, As that urge […]